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Myers-Davis Foundation

Myers-Davis Life Coaching, Inc was founded in 2012 by Dr. Edward Myers and Angela Davis. The company was originally founded as a life coaching company to provide direction and motivation to businesses, executives, college students, and youth. While individual, group and executive coaching continues to be a large part of Myers-Davis, retention coaching for college and high school students has also become a large vein of the work within Myers-Davis.

Coaching workshops on business skills such as team building, leadership principles, trustworthiness, integrity, along with a host of various topics are conducted in workshops for businesses and organizations throughout the world.

Youth Leadership Summit’s began in 2014 with classes for 4th – 6th grades, 7th-9th grades, and 10th-12th grade. The students were chosen by school administration or educators, parents, or students that have a great desire to grow and become leaders in their community. The students are taught character, leadership, public speaking, life skills, and more to lead them on the paths to become the leaders that they desire to be in their community. Myers-Davis continues annual Youth Leadership Summits throughout the country.

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